La Dehesa constitutes the most paradigmatic model of extensive Mediterranean exploitation. This peculiar ecosystem is the product of the interactions that man and animals have exerted on the Mediterranean forest over the years and since the distant Middle Ages, to constitute a good example of an ecosystem in which a wide biodiversity of plant species coincide. And animals. La Dehesa is a privileged environment that has been able to maintain its integrity in times like the present, characterized by the progressive breakdown of environmental conditions as a result of different socio-economic activities. Therefore, it is a well-preserved territory in which the natural environment is respected through a use that now comes to be called "sustainable", based on practices that have been dictated at all times by traditional knowledge, adapting the productive possibilities to the degree of exploitation.

Mix of Retinta, Charolais and Limousine breeds, our cattle enjoy all year round the pastures of our pastured farms where they live, feed on grass and hay and reproduce in total freedom. Dehesa cow meat, normally misnamed in the market as “ox”, comes from animals over eight years of age. This quality gives the meat more fat infiltration and gives it unmatched organoleptic qualities. These characteristics, together with a correct maturation, give as a product a meat of tenderness and flavor worthy of the kitchens of the most demanding restaurants in the gastronomic universe.
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