Indeed, one of the differences of Iberian suckling pork is that it provides three layers and so many other palatal sequences. The exterior, evenly crispy, reminds you of the noblest “chicharrones”. An intermediate one, between the skin and meat, stores trembling fat, juiciness and succulence. And third, the fleshy layer, more tender, clean-cut, covered with fat, determines the texture and flavor, that in the last of these cases is considerably more exquisite.“


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“The Iberian suckling pig and white suckling pig generate two totally different meats. It is true that sacrificing a piglet when it weighs only about five kilos, knowing that a year and a half later, it will give infinitely more delicious kilograms (between 172 and 182) gives you a guilty feeling. It looks like a complete waste of money. But then, if a fatty pork meat is not used, the result of “tostón” (roasted suckling pork) will be absolutely mediocre, as with most gorrinos (99% of those sold in restaurants).“
Rafael Garcia Santos