Sausages, hams and shoulders from animals that live in total freedom in the meadows of Extremadura feeding on acorns and herbs during the montanera season. All our Iberico pork hams, shoulders and loins are certified by the Iberian Quality Standard (RD 4/2014).

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Ham

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Shoulder 

Iberico Pork Ham

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Loin 

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork cured "Presa" or Lomito 

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Salchichon

Iberico Acorn-fed Pork Chorizo 

Ibérico Acorn-fed Pork Morcon 


The ecosystem of the dehesa is a blessing to all animal and plant species that live in it, but specially to the Iberian pig breed. The temperature, rainfall and similarity of terrain allow the development of an exclusive breed in free-range conditions. Its purity of blood, and the feeding on acorns of the genus Quercus, like cork trees, holm-oaks and gall oaks, their own pastures, and the tradition in terms of handling, make it possible to obtain excellent quality products and reputed “bouquet”, as is the case for the cured meats and hams from Iberian acorn-fed pork. Pigs live in total freedom feeding on acorns and herbs and this process makes the meat acquire special and unique organoleptic qualities and also gives it a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid.