who are we?

Quercus (a genus of trees, both evergreen, like the cork and holm-oak, and deciduous, like the common oak) are trees of great longevity and beauty, characterized by their adaptation to their environment and their contribution to improving it.

The Quercus forest known as “dehesa”, is a vivid example of how humans can, if they wish,  improve their environment and generate a sustainable system to be passed on to future generations.

The principles of “País de Quercus” are:

Common Sense
and Respect for Nature

This philosophy has been promoted since the year 2000 by “ País de Quercus”, an association of breeders who love the dehesa , which aims to put all the products obtained from this natural paradise of Extremadura and other parts of the south-western Iberian peninsula on the market.



Disfruta de lo mejor de la dehesa