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Iberian suckling pig to Riesling





suckling pig riesling







Ventresca piglet "País de Quercus"

2 ventrescas of Iberian pig

Extra virgin olive oil


Clean skin and dip Piglet belly in the brine for 2 hours. Vacuum packaging it with extra virgin olive oil and cook in the Ronner at 63 ° C for 24 hours.

Open cooking bags and deshuesarlas belly flaps. Mark them on the grill with a weight on top to color the skin is smooth and crisp. Cut into squares of 1.5 cm per side and set aside.


Black garlic puree

Black garlic 50g

70 g water

0.2 g xanthan


Grind the ingredients and pass through a fine chinois. Book a bottle.

Puree onion

300 g onion

30 g butter (cooking)

20 g butter (emulsion)

50 g water

0.4 g xanthan


Cut the onion into strips and indicated fondearla with butter for cooking until tender but has not taken too much color.

Blend together the remaining ingredients listed, go through a fine chinois and put a pinch of salt. Book a bottle.

Orange Puree

Oranges 450g (approx 2 Units)

400g TPT

0.6 g xanthan

Skin wash oranges and blanched in a pot from cold water 3 times. The fourth time put into the pot along with the TPT, for 15 minutes. After that time, remove and mash with 100 g of cooking syrup and xanthan. Pass the puree obtained by a fine chinois and reserve a bottle.

Distillate earth

400 g of wet forest land

1000 g water

Cold infuse the earth with water for 24 hours. Enter the Rotaval at 45 ° C for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Beet Puree

150 g of beet

25 g of distillate ground (Development Previous)

0.2 g xanthan


Boil the beets until tender. Distillate crushing the earth and xanthan, and pass through a fine chinois. Add salt to taste and reserve a bottle.

Dice beets melon

100 g of melon

1 beet

Cut melon into cubes of 5 mm side and set aside.

Blend beets and vacuum packed melon dice beet juice obtained for 3 hours before serving so that the melon cubes are imbued with the flavor and color of beet juice.

Onion oil

100 g of onion

120 g of extra virgin olive oil

Cut the onion into strips and fondearla low heat with the oil for about 30 minutes. Cool and strain. Reserve in a covered container.

Piglet clear broth

1 kg of Iberian pig bones

200 g of onion

2 L of water

Unindent piglet bones in cold water for 12 hours. After that, place the bones in a pot and add the julienned onion and water. Boil for 2 hours to obtain a foaming broth without impurities. Cool and set aside.

Cooked pig skin

240 g of Iberian pig skin

200 g of onion

150 g of carrots

Cold water

Place all ingredients in cold water and boil for 4 hours. After this time, strain and reserve the skin for the sauce.

Piglet Blanqueta

200 g of clear broth piglet (Development Previous)

0.4 g xanthan

Oil 40 g onion (Preparation before)

20 g of cooked pig skin (previous Development)

With the help of a blender grind xanthan with piglet clear broth for a few minutes. Add the cooked pig skin and keep grinding. Finally flirt with onion oil and strain. Reserve a water bath.

Mango Terrine

2 ripe mangoes

40 g butter

3 g of agar

Peel and roll the handle. Place in a mold of 10 cm. by 12.5 cm. sandwiching the sheets with a little butter, agar-agar powder and place terrine baked at 160 ° C for 30 minutes. It should be a terrine of 0.7 mm in height. Cut the terrine into cubes of 0.5 cm. per side and set aside.


16 small sheets truffle

16 purple shiso leaves

8 Flowers of apricot agastache

Having 5 dice of the belly of suckling pig on the plate. Place three dots of black garlic puree, onion, beet orange. Collate diced melon 3 imbued with beetroot and 3 dice mango terrine placing on each of these one sheet small truffle. Place 2 shiso leaves and 1 flower of apricot agastache the side of the plate. Blanqueta salsear with Suckling Pig.


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